About My Hebrew Dates

Add Hebrew dates to your Google, Apple, or Outlook calendar with the click of a button!

About Us

My Hebrew Dates is a platform designed to make it simple and convenient for families to create personalized Hebrew event calendars. We understand the importance of keeping track of Hebrew dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, and we want to help you celebrate these special occasions with your loved ones.

About the Developer

Abe Hanoka is the creator of My Hebrew Dates. He developed this platform to address a common problem he faced personally: the lack of an easy way to save and share recurring Hebrew date events. With his expertise in software development, Abe designed My Hebrew Dates to be a user-friendly tool for managing Hebrew calendars. His goal is to help individuals and families effortlessly track and celebrate their important Hebrew dates.


Google Calendar typically updates external calendars every 12-24 hours. Additionally, it caches events. This means even if you make immediate changes or delete and re-add the calendar, you might still see the old data until Google refreshes its cache. Please be patient and allow some time for updates to reflect.

While our platform doesn't currently have a feature for bulk event addition, you can contact the developer to assist with adding events in bulk. Please note that this specialized service will come with a fee.

Customizing alarm times is now possible on MyHebrewDates! Simply append ?alarm=HOUR to the end of an calendar's URL. Here's how:
  • For a 9 AM alarm: Add ?alarm=9 to the URL.
  • For a 7 AM alarm: Change it to ?alarm=7.
  • To get an alert the night before at 9 PM: Use ?alarm=-3.
This feature allows you to personalize your event reminders to a time that suits you best.

To consolidate events from multiple calendars you've created into a single calendar view, use a tool like MergeCal. This helps streamline your event management by providing one comprehensive calendar. Here’s a simple guide:
  1. Visit MergeCal.
  2. Select the individual calendars you wish to merge.
  3. Create a unified calendar link to add to your calendar application.

If your newly added calendar isn't appearing in the Google Calendar app, follow these steps to sync it manually:
  1. Open the Google Calendar app and tap the three bars on the top left to access the menu.
  2. Tap Refresh to update your calendar feeds.
  3. After refreshing, tap on Settings in the menu.
  4. Under your Google account, find the newly added calendar. It should be listed under the account you used to add it.
  5. Select the calendar and then enable Sync to ensure it updates and displays in your app.